marcelo burgano

-Marcelo Bergano- A label which is characterized by the highest quality of silk quality. The exclusive jacquard ties are produced exclusively in Italy. Excellent craftsmanship according to the Italian tradition guarantee the best quality and a long life of the ties.


-DillySocks- The colored socklabel DillySocks impresses by unconventional design, puts on extravagance and packs your feet in kunterbunten socks.


-FALKE- Since 119 years, the German family company FALKE has been producing hosiery of the highest quality. The brand attaches great importance to craftsmanship, attention to detail and „made in Germany“.


-Burlington- An international and innovative lifestyle brand: cosmopolitan and of stylish modernity, Burlington shows itself as an expression of a special lifestyle, the ‚Britstyle‘ interprets internationally and acts playfully, ironically with tradition.